Beautiful and unique vintage rhinestone earrings in a circle with dangles pattern. They are 2 inch long and 1 inch wide, with new silver metal ear posts.

They are perfect for that special event and ready for the next 50 years of style.

Special occasion holiday coat brooch. How many times have you gone to special event wearing a plain coat over your beautiful holiday dress? Most girls don't buy fancy coats to wear once in a while so I designed the "holiday coat brooch" to wear on that beautiful but plain coat. This brooch is large so it will show up; approximately 2 1/2 inches round with 8 stunning, restored, rhinestone pieces, on gold filigree. If you would like, the stunning work of art can also be a pendant.

The perfect romance

Begin your perfect romance with this exquisite handmade one of a kind brooch filled with 11 pieces of vintage rhinestones and cream-colored beads. It is 3 inches long and 2 inches wide and is just perfect for a bride, a very special occasion or a perfect romance


My New Life, by KD Design Studio - sold

My New Life is an extravagant display of 6 vintage Austrian Aurora Borealis rhinestone charms on a gold metal bracelet. The chain is 8 inches long and can be made shorter.


Marketing Tips for Etsy Sales.....

This is what I am doing in my Etsy shop and maybe some of these suggestions will help you or maybe you have ideas for me, if so, pass them on. I am not an expert, just another seller who is passing on ideas.

1. I change/rotate my pictures often

2. Change the wording in the title of an item so the buyers see/read something new.

3. Add descriptive words that describe what I am selling in my title so the search engines can find me, the more I add the more people I reach.

4. I add a close up picture to entice buyers to click on the picture. Crop one picture showing a gem from a bracelet or part of a face of a doll, etc.

5. When relisting I rotate the colors of the picture backgrounds so all the pictures don't look the same. Do the best you can, some times this isn't possible.

6. I ask other sellers for marketing tips and they have given me so much help and taught me everything I've learned. Thank you for all the help.

7. When someone asks you for ideas, pay it forward, what goes around comes around.
8. If you have some ideas, send your suggestions to me at Etsy by using the conversation button.

9. Check my shop for more ideas:

10. Deactivate some of your items and then relist them in a few days or weeks. Give them a rest. Rotate your inventory, it looks like you are selling and adding items. If you have 60 pages of items no one will go through all the pages it would take too long, rotate your inventory.

11. Keep track of your "views" if you aren't getting a lot, don't give up, make a change. Re-shoot a picture or rewrite the descriptions.

More to follow, come back. If you have other suggestions, let me know.


KD Design Studio, Jewelry with a Story...

KD Design Studio creates works of art that are romantic and timeless made from antique, vintage and costume jewelry pieces, as well as altered art. I mix in other pieces of this and that from jewelry findings. I search swap meets and yard sales to create these treasured items.

Each jewelry piece comes with the story that goes with it. All stories are original and written as I was designing and making each jewelry piece. (It might not be great writing, but it is fun). Hence the name Jewelry with a story. Please come in, enjoy and while you are here, visit the other Etsy shops and Blogs.



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